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Monterey Bay Center for Integrated Health is a Center that focuses on Health and Nutritional Medicine with a Holistic approach. We are an Authorized Distributor of Ideal Protein Weight Loss and Diet Program, serving Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Carmel Valley, Salinas Valley, Marina, Seaside and the Monterey Bay, California, USA


About Us

The Monterey Bay Center for Integrated  Health incorporates the best
of conventional and complementary therapies along with latest advances
in nutritional medicine, health and wellness training, and lifestyle management that will help you achieve your optimum physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Diet & Lifestyle makes a Difference

Studies suggest that 70 to 90% of all chronic disease is a direct result of lifestyle choices.  This means that even small changes in eating and sleep habits, physical activity and how you manage stress can dramatically influence whether disease, or the symptoms leading to disease, will develop. Incorporating positive lifestyle changes may even allow some patients to reduce or eliminate the use of prescription drugs.

Achieving Optimal Health


Diet and lifestyle changes are now recommended as “first line therapy” for treating many chronic diseases including: heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis and dementia. These illnesses, along with symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue, stress and hormone imbalance can be effectively managed using therapeutic nutritional and personalized fitness and exercise programs.

We believe that to a good degree the body has the amazing capacity to heal itself. Our goal is to guide and empower you towards self-healing. Consistent with this approach is the use of prevention and health promotion programs.

    The Monterey Bay Center for Integrated  Health is right for you if you want to:

  • Lose weight and learn how to keep it off

  • Manage a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, pain, depression, or weight management.

  • Address a major medical event such as surgery, cancer, or a heart attack.

  • Maintain and enhance your state of well-being for the long term.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Health Plan

We begin by reviewing your basic blood (metabolic) panel, medical history, medications and conducting a nutritional health profile and body composition analysis. Based on these results, we will complete a health risk assessment and develop a personalized health plan including recommended therapeutic health promotion and wellness programs targeted to achieve your goals.

Medical Oversight and Health Coaching

Your health plan will include a comprehensive nutritional wellness and weight loss program with weekly visits with our health coach(s) under the supervision of our Medical Director.  Additionally, you have opportunity to attend our educational seminars designed to provide knowledge and skills to enhance self care management capacities.  By following these therapeutic protocols, we will help you achieve your agreed upon health goals.  Throughout the process we will continuously document your progress as you move forward to achieve your goals and improve your health status.

Ongoing Education and Support Services

Once you have improved your health status, you will need to maintain the changes made in your diet, exercise regiments and lifestyle management. We will provide you a continuity of care plan and opportunities for ongoing education and periodic “retuning”. Our state-of-the-art Ideal Smart Platform provides daily coaching videos, phone App, body composition analysis and tracking, personal ordering and education all with one click!